Thaba Manzi Wildlife Services

The wildlife industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in South Africa. Thaba Manzi Wildlife Services is one of the biggest private game capture operators in the country.

Mission Statement

To contribute to wildlife conservation through sustainable utilization thereof with an uncompromising concern for the welfare of the animals.

Company Profile 

Thaba Manzi was formed in the early nineteen eighties when the need for a professional and ethical operator within what was then an embryonic industry, was identified. It is from here that the initial concept was formed and developed. The concept centers around wildlife conservation through scientifically based practices of capture, handling, transport, holding of animals as well as exporting animals. Since those early days Thaba Manzi Wildlife Services has gone from strength to strength, pioneering new aspects of animal welfare, operational techniques and equipment without once losing its commitment to professionalism and ethics. It is this ethos that has now established the corporation as the industry leader, setting standards for the future. 

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